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About us

About BitCoinPay Trade

BitCoinPay Trade is a relatively new yet rapidly developing company that provides secure and convenient tools for financial activities, which allows our customers to enjoy easy and prompt operations with cryptocurrencies. The company conducts its business based on the licenses issued EU, and develops a range of ambitious projects related to the expansion of its business.


We aim at creating a functional and secure platform to allow our customers to conduct different operations with cryptocurrencies and electronic assets, including exchange and payments. We are aimed to work with both users and online platforms.

Our mission is to create a safe financial ecosystem of a new generation using the latest financial and blockchain technologies.

We know that our success depends on numerous factors, and that is why we focus on such values as responsibility, affordability, convenience, and innovations.

Currently, we offer secure cryptocurrency wallets as well as prompt purchase and sell of cryptocurrency by credit cards. We offer our customers to access their financial assets on the go through a user-friendly mobile app.

We invite you to join us to discover new financial opportunities!